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Do not hesitate to read all of the tips shared below. They cover a variety of important topics in the field of carpet cleaning. You do not have to be an expert to apply them successfully and to enjoy fantastic results. Start by reading them carefully and come back to them for reference at any time.

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Here you can find clever tips for quick carpet and rug cleaning. Learn how to clean stains effectively! How much do you know about rugs and their cleaning? Find out clever ways to keep them clean for years and learn how to keep office carpets clean, too.

Keep office carpets clean

Maintaining the office carpets in excellent condition is important. Our carpet cleaning company in La Canada Flintridge recommends cleaning the rugs based on human traffic. The more people stepping on carpets, the more often carpets should be cleaned. Carpet maintenance is important not only for their long-lasting and beauty but also for the good health of all employees.

Clean handmade rugs properly

Handmade Persian rugs would need special ecofriendly products if they are dirty or just a solution of water, liquid soap and vinegar. Be extra careful with silk rugs, which are extremely sensitive and make sure that authentic flokati rugs must also be hand washed. Avoid vacuuming the fringes and clean them with water and soap. Vacuum rugs on both sides and leave them out in the fresh air.

Oriental rugs demand good treatment

Depending on whether rugs are machine or handmade they would need different treatments. Handmade Persian rugs are sensitive since natural colors are used and since they're expensive investments, Carpet Cleaning La Canada Flintridge would suggest good quality ecofriendly products. It's always best to try out the detergents on a small part or corner to make sure colors do not fade away.

Blot, do not wipe

The immediate reaction to any spills on the carpet is to wipe off the liquid. However, wiping the carpet can cause the liquid to spread instead of being completely absorbed. On the other hand, pressing over the affected area with an absorbent cloth should be a lot more effective for carpet cleaning.

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