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Handmade Rugs in Small Shops

12/10/2013 Back To Blog

Many suburbs around the country are full of small, picturesque retail shops, which offer an alternative solution to everyday products of high quality in beautiful environments. Most of them avoid placing carpets on the floor and prefer tiles because they are strong, stylish and tile cleaning is easy. These are all significant advantages for professionals, who hardly have the time to take care of their shop but, in some cases, handmade rugs look spectacular and elevate the prestige of the store.Handmade Rugs in Small Shops

When you CANNOT place carpets in your store

1. It is pointless to place carpets in convenient stores or places, where they sell food. The cleaning process will almost be difficult and hardly effective and stain removal almost impossible.
2. Shops with equipment, hardware and chemical substances have no reason to place carpets because businessmen will just make their lives harder. There would be a high chance of destroying the carpets either with the chemicals or heavy machinery. At bottom line, they won't be practical.
3. Shops with high circulation of people or pets wouldn't be interested in placing carpets on the floor either since it would be pointless. Besides, carpets or perhaps beautiful wool rugs are supposed to be placed in stores, which need to bring out the value of their products and look luxurious.
When rugs help stores thrive
1. Bookstores, galleries and any shop with focus on art, literature and culture would want to create warm corners and keep an artistic profile. In that sense, oriental rugs would be perfect!
2. Persian rugs would be excellent in stores promoting tradition, like antique shops, furniture and stores with vintage clothes and gifts.
3. Silk rugs are almost obligatory in high profile boutiques, which desire to bring out their unique character and promote their expensive clothes, shoes and accessories through other expensive products like handmade rugs.
In any case, rugs will look wonderful anywhere. It would be the necessary dirty rug cleaning that would keep part of the business world skeptical about placing them in their stores. So, it would be basically your choice whether you want to put a nice rug in your store but then again if you are a hairdresser, what's the point?

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